1. Billie Black: “I Don’t Need Another Lover”

    Mysterious and dark.  Love it!


  2. Best of the best! Grimes: “Go (ft Blood Diamonds)”

    One of the best teacups from 2012 is back with a killer track!


  3. Yeah Boy: “Can’t Get Enough”

    Cool track on Yeah Boy: “Can’t Get Enough”

    Hailing from London, a newcomer by the name of Yeah Boy lets the ‘cool’ go on a neat electro dance track. The track was released around ten months ago and has slipped our radar. ‘Can’t Get Enough’ is fun and vibrant with a touch of danceability.

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  4. The Magician: “Sunlight feat. Years & Years”

    Hot new one on The Magician: “Sunlight feat. Years & Years”

    Hear a new ripping dance track that drops the low gear hard, mostly throughout. The track is red-hot and burning with The Magician (who is a Belgium producer/DJ) slamming the beat into overdrive. With only being released a day ago, this track is a blockbuster dance hit, especially for the gorgeous vocals of Years & Years on the spot. On ‘Sunlight’, the track doesn’t stop short of full production…

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  5. Lust for Youth: “Armida”

    A brilliant new track from Lust for Youth, featuring Danish electro-pop singer Soho Rezanejad


  6. Hamilton Leithauser: “Alexandra”

    A snappy new track from Walkmen frontman Hamilton Leithauser.


  7. Caribou: “Can’t Do Without You”

    So happy to have new Caribou: “Can’t Do Without You”

    BN(mi)T Banner1 caribout

    A blazing new track from electronic vet, Caribou!

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  8. Robyn & Röyksopp: “Monument”

    Amazing. Robyn & Röyksopp: “Monument”

    BN(mi)T Banner1 Röyksopp

    A super compelling new track from the recent Robyn/Röyksopp team-up.  This collaboration is heaven sent.

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  9. Dickystixxx: “Somebody Who Loves Me”

    Dickystixxx: “Somebody Who Loves Me”

    Interesting deep-soul dance stuff here (and it was just released and is free for download if you like Dickystixxx’s page on Facebook). This song and his other one entitled ‘Make Me Feel Better’ are phenomenally well crafted to bring out the full impact, of both vocals and beat. Particularly the bass is great in this one; whereas for the other one, its the rhythm and piano that catches on.

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  10. April 2014 Listening Room

    April 2014 Listening Room

    This has been an “ok” month of music for April 2014 Listening Room. Plainly put, the month was not spectacular but yet was good for some super cool new finds, with the likes of Close Counters: ‘Ronnie’, ‘All The Way’, ‘Blood (Close Counters Remix)’, and ‘Don’t Run Away’. Besides those tracks, Ought dropped a stellar post-punk hit with ‘Habit’; and Lone left us with a beautiful downtempo track,…

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  11. Snakehips: “Forever”

    Snakehips: “Forever”


    Here is a little bitty to end out the fabulous month of May for us all! Check out Snakehips, with ‘Forever’, as its really good and slides right into a hopefully amazing month of June music. This track is only a month old and some of his other work is stellar. Give it up for this original raw beat. Stream the track below.

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  12. Groove Armada: “Pork Soda [Moda Black]”

    Groove Armada: “Pork Soda [Moda Black]“

    Hard to believe these guys have been around this long and yet keep making amazing dance music. On ‘Pork Soda [Moda Black]‘ the group drops it low and amps it up a notch or a bitty for these modern times. This move seems to be about the bass-line dance scene, but in fact the snares make this a fabulous rhythm song. Great track nonetheless; enjoy.

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  13. Chromeo: “Old 45’s”

    Genius! Chromeo: “Old 45’s”

    BN(mi)T Banner1 chromeo old 45s

    Chromeo’s recently released White Women LP is a scorcher from beginning to end! Check out “Old 45′s” is you haven’t yet had the opportunity.  You won’t be disappointed!


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  14. Owen Pallett: “Song For Five & Six”

    Good god! We love Owen Pallett: “Song For Five & Six”

    BN(mi)T Banner1 owen pallett

    Owen Pallett’s excellent new LP, In Conflict, is packed to the gills with hits, but we’ve singled out the track “Song For Five & Six” for mention here.  Catch the track (and video) below.

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  15. Lane 8: “Nothing You Can Say ft. Lucy Stone”

    New electronic chiller on Lane 8: “Nothing You Can Say ft. Lucy Stone”

    Lane 8 on this slow-burning-of-a-chilling-track—lets the mood go smooth and sound—all the way through. Hearing Lucy Stone’s beautiful vocals on ‘Nothing You Can Say’ emulates the pleasantness of this track (in its entirety); and the rhythmic variety (even if barely noticeable) is a touch of class, nonetheless. Great new electronic music!

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