1. March 2014 Listening Room

    New Best

    Here is the installment of March’s listening room. This month was rather heavy on the electronic side of music, with deep marks made in the new world of dance beats. This probably won’t go down as the best month of music for illogical computer, but some absolute indie grabs, like ‘No Romance’ and ‘Breadwinner’ — will surely keep us best alive. Other more danceable tracks, as ‘Ready For Your…

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  2. Porter Robinson: “Sea of Voices”

    Super sensuous tack: Porter Robinson: “Sea of Voices”

    This track is really chill, and exceptionally relaxed; although with a intense build-up — which finishes into slow render.  Hear the new track by Porter Robinson below, it will keep you honest.  (And to be honest, in fact…his stuff reminds me of Ulrich Schnauss, a German electronic producer, who put out a pretty good album awhile back.)  Hope you enjoy this little chill one.  Have to listen…

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  3. Tei Shi: “Nevermind The End (Lil Sad Remix)”

    “Nevermind The End” by Tei Shi is a chill, new remix by Lil Sad that was released about two months ago. Compared to the upbeat original by Tei Shi, Lil Sad distorts Tei Shi’s soft vocals into underwater, muffled whispers. Despite the melancholic mood of the track, Lil Sad still retains a strong hip pop influence that is evidently satisfying. Take a listen! Grab the track here.

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  4. Close Counters X Maddy Jane: “All the Way”

    Cool new stuff from down, down, downunder….Close Counters X Maddy Jane: “All the Way”

    This is a great new track from some real good collaborative work: 1) being Close Counters (two trip-hop DJs from Hobart, Australia); and 2) Maddy Jane—an inspiring singer and songwriter, from Hobart as well. This young group have worked on another track called ‘Ronnie’ (which is really good too!) — but on ‘All the Way’, (their second release), they go all the way. The beautiful harmonic…

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  5. Lone: “2 is 8″

    Super sharp new stuff from Lone.  This track has all of the tricky, catchiness sub-sonics that we’ve come to love and expect from a Lone track.  


  6. Kevin Drew: “It’s Cool”

    It’s very very cool. Kevin Drew: “It’s Cool”

    1 kevin drew it's cool

    “It’s Cool” is one of the more mellow tracks from Kevin Drew’s recently released LP, Darlings, and it is also one of the more infections and interesting. Give it a listen below.


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  7. SOHN: “Bloodflows”

      SOHN’s new record dropped this past Tuesday. The record from start to finish is smooth and still upbeat enough to feel the vibes. 


  8. Touch Sensitive: “Slowments”

    Up-beat new one..on Touch Sensitive: “Slowments”


    This track is super fast and very repetitive, but does enough of that for long enough, to make the track sound good.  The vocals are pretty intense, but overall the track is a pleasure to listen to. Here Touch Sensitive (who I am sure) has been gaining ground in the beat-world, to make a splash on their new single (with an interesting twist), ‘Slowments’.  Download the track from here or…

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  9. Screaming new track on Lincoln Jesser: “We’ll Be Fine”

    Mr. Jesser comes stomping by on through with this screaming of a track, which surely doesn’t let up all the way through.


  10. Pretty solid stuff with - Astronomyy: “Things I’d Do For U”

    The connection and hopefulness of the music; and rather good beadwork on the drum line hits right.


  11. Tirzah: “No Romance”

    This is making my Friday. Tirzah: “No Romance”

    BN(mi)T Banner1 Tirzah - No Romance

    Brilliant new stuff from Tirzah.  I have been rocking this track all day! Perfect Friday night jam!  Stream below or grab it here.

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  12. BEA: “Breadwinner”

    My goodness this is sharp! BEA: “Breadwinner”

    1 BEA - Breadwinner

    Here is a trippy new track from BEA.  Certainly this is one of the grippiest tracks we’ve heard in awhile and it has a crazy album cover to match!  Stream below or download here.

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  13. Say Lou Lou: “Everything We Touch”

    shooper cools. Say Lou Lou: “Everything We Touch”

    1 Say Lou Lou - Everything We Touch

    Here is a recent, dreamy, little ditty from resident favs, Say Lou Lou!  Like.  Stream below or DL here.

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  14. Once again….NEW»>Future Islands: “Seasons (Waiting On You)”

    Here is the lead single from Future Islands (ever so aptly) entitled new album, Singles. On ‘Seasons’ (Waiting On You), the band slows it down a bit (than their usual sound) and relaxes to make an emotional feel.


  15. New Chet Faker: “Talk Is Cheap”

    Here is the lead single: “Talk Is Cheap”, off Chet Faker’s debut album (Built On Glass),